Hi, I'm Dr. John Mullen, DPT, CSCS and I'd be honored to be your speaker/consultant.
Thank you for considering me to speak at your conference, work with your team, or work with you as an individual. I’m so grateful.
If you think I may be a great match for you, then I’m excited to hear about it.
Let's Get Started
Are we truly a great match?
Choosing the right person is an important decision. I respect that immensely. That's why I want to make sure we're on the same page up front. After all, aligning expectations is a big key to success.

1. I educate and entertain audiences of all sizes.
Consultations are big impact opportunities. I love them and give preference to them because they enable me to help people like you get maximum results from their events. So, when forced to choose, I choose keynote opportunities where my work can make the biggest difference.

2. I insist on being myself.
There is no substitute for genuine authenticity. I'm me at all times—on stage and off. I do fun things, different things, and sometimes quirky things to captivate audiences. It's who I am and it works wonders. When you hire me, you get my best, most authentic and engaging self.

3. I hope you look at me as an investment in your success.
I attend a lot of amazing conferences and events across a range of industries. I'm friends with a bunch of conference organizers. And I even co-hosted and funded my own live event once. So I know what's required to make an event special. I want to be a big factor in that success for you.

4. I work with you, personally, every step of the way.
Some speakers become disengaged and difficult to work with. I get that. That's why I stay engaged at all times. I want this process to be super smooth. I want to learn the nuances of your event so that I can delight your fans and blow their minds. My assistant, Jessica, will help us stay organized...but it's always me you're dealing with. Always.


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